Thursday 31 January 2008

QuickBooks 2008 Warning

We have a client that has reached critical mass with their QuickBooks (QB) 2008 installation.

They have been running on QB 08 for about a month now.

There were some static issues at one workstation that caused some hiccups in the company file. They were rectified by running the built-in utilities to clean up the data files.

Today, they were running some cheques and noticed that the numbers were wrong.

Upon further investigation, and a long support call with Intuit, there are a large number of dropped deposits, invoices, bill payments, and more in the time period since the upgrade to QB 08.

Apparently there are some known issues in this new version according to the Intuit support technician our client was working with.

These issues are also a part of the built in QB 08 backup system. So, they cannot go back any number of degrees.

We call it the First Version Blues with the customer being the "beta code" tester on the front line. Only in this case, issues with the product could end up costing a business its livelihood and possibly its life.

In this case, our client has a good backup in place of their QB 07 files. We will be backing them off to QB 07 on the advice of Intuit!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

what they any log of of convert db are you talk tottaly missing invoice we had client that just upgrade 2007 to 2008 maybe he shound check invoice numbers

Andy Asselin

Anonymous said...

This is Susan, can you ping me at as there are some Intuit folks I need to put you in touch with

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


There were a lot of issues underlying our client's problems. Some were hardware related, some were with the program itself.


Note sent.



Anonymous said...

Curios what where you hardware issues?

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


-36DegC + Wool + Polyester + user with unusually high capacitor rate = total static discharge.

Almost every time the user sat at their system and touched the keyboard they would pass a good jolt through the system. At one point a jolt temporarily killed the USB ports.

Occasionally the jolt would stop the system in its tracks.

So, we set them up with a grounded anti-static strap until we could get them a mat for their keyboard tray.

Thanks for the comment.


Anonymous said...

:> that so funny we just replace system for client have issue with convert quickbooks oddly enoght it had bad capictors too

but before we replace system he did mange to get his quickbook convert with they phone support am not sure what they end up doing as i was not they

Andy A

Anonymous said...

One of my clients has been running Quickbooks pro for the past few years.
Every version upgrade has gone smoothly up until 2008 hit.
Now, after having spent a day migrating all of the 2007 files to 2008, I come across an update from 2008 RC1 to 2008 RC3.
I have to repeat the entire upgrade cycle for 2008 RC3 to read 2008 RC1 files as they can no longer be opened.

This patch incompatibility is a glaring mark against Quickbooks. We are now looking at alternatives and strongly recommend everyone to avoid this program.