Tuesday 19 February 2008

Signage Really Pays Off!

The area we are located in is a new one. The City of St. Albert only recently, as in the last couple of years or three, opened the land we are on to anyone wanting to put up a business condo.

The time we moved into our office and shop space was a crazy one. We needed to keep a handle on our client's needs as well as getting all of the renovations done before we moved in.

So, once we were in, we did not focus on getting some of the little things like a front sign done until late last summer.

This is our frontage:

MPECS Inc. Microsoft Small Business Specialists

At the time, the sign was not a priority as there was very little build up happening around us.

Now that real estate prices have settled back, that has changed. We now have business condos being built around us at a fast rate.

As it turns out, we just signed our first new SBS install as a result of that sign. They saw it and walked in to chat. The deal more than pays for the sign and then some.

Once we have outgrown this location, we will look at our options.

However, you can bet that putting a sign up on the front of our business wherever we end up will be a top priority from now on!

By the way, when it comes to Window Stickers such as our Intel Associate Member Program and the others, we never stick them on straight.

It is a simple psychological fact that something out of alignment will catch the eye of the passers-by versus an ordered set of items.

They don't need to be like a Fringe poster, but just out of alignment enough that they do not look sloppy or unprofessional.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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