Monday 9 February 2009

Practice CS – The “CS” Acronym Meaning?

We posted about synchronizing contacts between Practice CS, Outlook, and a Companyweb Contacts list: SBS 2008 – Practice Creative Suite Clients Sync with Companyweb Contacts List via Outlook.

Now, an anonymous comment pointed out that the “CS” may mean nothing at all.

And, somehow I defaulted to the Adobe interpretation of CS which is “Creative Suite” in the blog post title.

Well, my interpretation of the Practice “CS” had to come from somewhere, and it turns out that other than the brain jumble of the “S” meaning, it does:

09-02-09 Practice CSC:\Program Files\Creative Solutions\Practice CS

The CS actually stands for “Creative Solutions” as is indicated in the folder structure.

My bad for jumbling up the “S” to Suite instead of Solutions, and thanks to the anonymous comment on the above linked previous blog post for challenging me on the meaning of the acronym.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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