Monday 2 February 2009

Seagate Officially Releases ES.2 Firmware SN06 and SN16

There are two different firmware updates depending on the part number and size of the ES.2 Drives. Be careful to download and burn the correct firmware update or the drive could be bricked.

Seagate Site: Firmware Update for ST3250310NS, ST3500320NS, ST3750330NS, ST31000340NS [207963].

The downloads are ISO based, so make sure the workstation the ISO is downloaded to can burn it to CD.

If not, we use CDBurnerXP for our ISO burning as it is light and fast.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking for reason to upgrade to SN06 from SN04 on a pair of es.2 ST3750330NS , but I am not finding a list of fixes for the firmwares anywhere. Is it always "just a good idea" to upgrade Seagate firmwares? Or is there a better criteria to work from?

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


The reason is essentially a premptive measure to protect against the possibility of a drive failure due to the firmware bug.