Saturday 25 April 2009

Windows 7 RC Available to TechNet/MSDN April 30th

The new version of Windows 7 Release Candidate will be available to those of us that have a TechNet Plus or MSDN subscription on April 30th!

The new RC will be available to the general public on May 5th.

As has been the case in the past, those of us with a TechNet subscription seem to gain access to new versions of products earlier than the general public.

We have kept our Windows 7 experiences to a minimum due to the extra time involvement getting things happening on our own SBS network. We have been running it virtually though, and it sure is quick and responsive in a VM.

This upcoming build will be finding its way onto the system I am working from now. There goes a half day! ;)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

*All Mac on SBS posts will not be written on a Mac until we replace our now missing iMac! (previous blog post)

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