Friday 5 March 2010

Outlook 2010 Contacts Missing On Windows Mobile Phone? Suggested Contacts Is the Culprit

By default, Windows Mobile will only synchronize the Contacts folder that resides in the user’s mailbox on Exchange.

Since installing Outlook 2010, any new contacts that were added in Outlook were not synchronizing to the Windows Mobile Phone.

It took a bit of time before this was discovered.

In Outlook a search for the contact’s name would turn up their contact properties. Not on the phone however.

A bit of hunting turned them up in the new Suggested Contacts folder in Outlook itself.

Now, the “why” as to their placement there has not come entirely clear as of yet, however, we do know how to turn this feature off for the moment:


Move the “missing” contacts that are in the Suggested Contacts folder to the Contacts folder.

After removing the check mark Automatically create Outlook… setting under the Contacts Options, we created a new contact and:


The contact was placed in the correct place.

No more issues with not having new contacts on the phone.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

*Our original iMac was stolen (previous blog post). We now have a new MacBook Pro courtesy of Vlad Mazek, owner of OWN.

Windows Live Writer


Nick Stango said...

Come on Phil, No Berry, No Iphone. WinMobile is so painfull. Even Vlad uses an iPhone. I got my son a cracked HTC 620. I play with it once in a while, My wife an iphone, me BB9K w. BES on SBS. Switching over to the new SW caus' it doesn't need a Ent. Dataplan and no more $100 License Fees. Oh. my kid, cant wait for the "7" Phone. Which comes to my next segway. The phone is king, and we will all be cloud salesmen in the future. Gee I really Like SBS08.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Like the Netbook, the phone has its place. For mundane tasks that require very little input or moving about the screen the phone will do.

However, there are way too many tasks that are a part of a user's daily routine that require screen real estate not offered by Netbook or phone ... whatever the flavour.

Not into BB, and the iPhone is an OK phone. We have seen enough problems between carriers and the phones themselves on all platforms to be happy with what we have.

After seeing Windows Mobile 7 in action, I really hope our carriers and the phone manufacturers don't destroy its actual implenentation as has been the case up here before with previous WM phone versions.