Thursday 26 August 2010

Intel CPU and Board Compatibility Tool

If there are ever any doubts on whether a particular CPU will work with a specific motherboard, the Intel Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool is the site to check with.


We are looking at updating the DX38BT based QX9650 Core 2 Extreme system here in the shop with an Intel Core I7-875K Processor.

And the results are:


Given that the I7-875K is unlocked so that we can change the bus and clock frequencies to tweak the CPU’s performance, it is our preference to look for an Extreme series board.


We end up with either the DP55SB or the KP55KG.

Now, we need to have two PCI-E x16 slots available for the dual ATI Sapphire 3870 x2 video cards (yeah, a little dated but they run 4 monitors really well).

Both boards have PCI-E 16x slots that share bandwidth with the primary PCI-E 8x slot if something gets plugged into them. Since we are not gaming, there is no real need for the extra bandwidth.

The catch for this situation though is that we also have a SoundBlaster X-Fi PCI series soundcard in this system. Thus, we need a legacy PCI slot to plug the sound card into. So, the DP55KG will fit the bill.

In the end, we will have replaced just the board and CPU and ended up with a good step up in overall system performance for a very reasonable cost.

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