Monday 30 August 2010

Promise VTrak E310sD Firmware Update

The Promise VTrak E310sD that we are deploying to add storage to a Hyper-V cluster running on an Intel Modular Server required a firmware update out of the box:


Firmware Version: 3.33.0000.00

Now, the best we can do for a link to the firmware download is twofold:

The reason for that is that Promise seems to change the links that lead directly to a product site, or the links do not seemingly work when copied and pasted from the browser address bar.

Once on the Download Center site, select:

  1. VTrak Ex10 Series
  2. VTrak E310sD (our model number)

We then have a selection of download links associated with the product come up:


As of this writing, firmware version 3.34 is the most up to date one.


Apple Promise VTrak Caveat

Note that we are working with the Promise OEM product and not the Apple OEM branded Promise VTrak products. There is a completely different firmware set for the Apple branded products.

VTrak Firmware Update

Once the download completes, we extract the contents of the ZIP archive.

In the WebPAM PROe console, we click on the Firmware Update link and “download” the file using the HTTP method there.


We then received a warning that once the flashing process starts it should not be interrupted in any way.

A set of progress bars (dual controller) will then show up:


Once the update process has completed:


The flash upgrade has completed successfully.

It will only take effect at next reboot.

Since we only have the VTrak unit installed, we used the Administrative Tools console to initiate a restart of the VTrak:


A warning will pop up indicating that the VTrak will be offline and require us to type “confirm” into a box before it will allow for a restart.

Once a reboot has completed, which took about 5 minutes, we logged on to the WebPAM PROe console and navigated to the Firmware Update tab to confirm that we now had the newest version:


Firmware Version:

Once our firmware update was complete, we were then ready to move on to the next step of configuring the drives into RAID arrays and logical drives.

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