Tuesday 6 November 2012

Independent AntiVirus Vendor Product Review Resources

We need some independent voices when it comes to the plethora of AntiVirus products out there.

In our search we have come up with the following resources that provide some insight into the various AntiVirus products out there and how affective they are.


So far the best one we have come up with is:

Their Magic Quadrant is an awesome at-a-glance view of current product:


The above chart is a great comparison of a great many AntiVirus vendor’s products.


This site has some great charts with a number of important factors that should be a part of our A/V product analysis.

There are a number of different reports available on this site.



The above charts give us some inclination on how the product protects the endpoint but also how it impacts the performance of the endpoint machine.

It used to be that A/V products could greatly hinder a user’s day-to-day duties. With today’s PCs that is not so much a problem anymore but one should still be mindful of any possible impact especially for power users.


This site has a limited product list with a few informative charts based on the host operating system being protected.

The link above is to their corporate products list:


Note the lack of AVG listed anywhere on this chart.

Based on the Virus Bulletin results and the A-V Comparatives results we are confident that AVG can be a viable alternative to Symantec’s EndPoint Protection.

We will be looking at deploying the AVG product here and as a pilot at one of our more active accounting firms to get some real-world experience with it.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

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