Thursday 27 December 2007

Adobe Photoshop - Automating the same changes to a bunch of images

We have a client that we just finished scanning a whole bunch of architectural sketches into high resolution Photoshop files.

We now need to render those files to TIFF format for their access as well as small JPG format for email use.

There are close to 200 80-150MB files. Can you imagine opening each file then "save as" twice for the two required formats? We would be here for hours if not days.

So, to do that in Photoshop, we need to create a "Batch Process" that will automate the whole thing for us.

Initially searching across the Internet did not yield any results on the how-to because we did not know the proper terminology to use in the search. The keyword is "batch".

The best tutorials that we have found:
Now that we know how to run a batch job to render the images, we can sit back and have a tea while the system runs the job.

UPDATE: For doing the actual conversion process, there is a built-in Image Processor that the CreativePro link indicates. It works on both the PC and the Mac.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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