Tuesday 18 December 2007

Windows Vista - Simply 2008 EFT Module Issue

We have already chronicled some of our challenges with the new version of Simply Accounting 2008 on Windows Vista and SBS.

We have a new client that uses the Simply EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) module.

In this case, we installed a new Vista Business workstation and configured everything to run with the exception of the EFT module.

Because our client carried forward the Company File EFT settings from the previous system, we were not expecting any issues. However, when they went to run their payroll, the EFT file creation failed every time the process ran.

The EFT module installs to: C:\Program Files\SimplyEFT with the data being created in a subdirectory called C:\Program Files\SimplyEFT\Data.

The problem we were running into was the EFT program did not have permission to create the EFT file in the Data directory.

Our options were the following:
  1. Create a new Company EFT setup and have the output written to an EFT folder under the user's Documents folder
  2. Change the NTFS permissions on the Data folder to allow Write/Change
Our client did not want to go through with recreating their company's EFT setup, so we went with option two.

After the permission change, they were able to run the EFT process and upload the file to their bank with no issues.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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