Monday 17 December 2007

Intel SR1530HAHLX, SR1530AH, SR1530CL Technical Advisories + Engineering Timelines

With the release of the new 3200 series uniprocessor server board chipset and 1U chassis, we are in the process of looking into the new H series 1U server systems that will utilize the 3200 series chipsets.

We utilize uniprocessor 1U units for virtualization, Web application hosting, sometimes secondary domain controllers, and for a few other task specific reasons.

Before doing any system integration on a new platform, we like to know what we are getting into. So, here are a couple of technical advisories relevant to Intel uniprocessor and dual processor 1U units both new and existing: In the first advisory, the new 1U H series uniprocessor with SATA Hot Swap Backplane will fault with an amber LED. This is a manufacturing issue that can be resolved by calling into the Partner Hotline to obtain a replacement SATA hot swap backplane if the unit delivered is affected by the problem.

The second is also a manufacturing issue. The systems may have shipped with identical rack handles instead of one right and one left handle. A call into the Partner Hotline and a replacement will be had very quickly.

Being prepared when it comes to integrating new generation products means we can work a little "engineering" time into our timeline ETAs with our clients. Think Scotty of TOS (Wikipedia) or B'Elanna Torres (Wikipedia) - two of my favourite engineers. Their time quotes were usually 50% longer than the actual task would require under regular circumstances and 100% longer under duress. :D

As long as the delay we face falls within that timeline we are okay. If it doesn't, then a call to the client with an explanation of why we need to delay delivery is usually acceptable to our clients.

For the most part though, we end up with everything ready for delivery ahead of schedule. Nothing beats a phone call to our client stating that we are ready to integrate a new system ahead of schedule. It makes us look good and our client happy that they are going to receive their solution ahead of schedule.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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