Wednesday 19 December 2007

WiFi - A way to control those radio waves

We have a number of client wireless installations in residential areas for partners of the firms we support. The competition between the various Access Points (AP) in the neighbourhood can be extremely frustrating to overcome.

To date, we would setup a couple or three APs to keep the home covered by the wireless signal and force out the competition.

There is however, a method that will enable us to focus and enhance our wireless signals within the house and virtually eliminate internal wireless signals passing outside of the house: The Cylindrical Parabolic (Wikipedia) Reflector:

Wireless Pattern with Parabolic Reflector

One can make one: Parabolic Antenna Template.

Or, one can purchase one: Tritium - Flatenna.

We will make a couple up for the home installation to see how it works as we have 13 competing APs in our own neighbourhood ... many of them unsecured.

Thanks to Scott S-A of Roderick Scott Corporation for pointing us down this particular path.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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