Monday 21 January 2008

Office 2007 Suite Grid - What is in what again?

It is a perennial question that all I.T. professionals get: "What is in what version of Office please?"

Here is a screenshot of the Office 2007 Suite product comparison grid:

Office 2007 Suites Comparison Grid

The original grid can be found here: 2007 Microsoft Office System suites.

Note that the step from Small Business Edition to Professional Edition is Microsoft Access. Since those are the most popular non-licensing versions we deal with, that is a good thing to remember.

Also, when selling OEM versions, we make a point of informing our clients that there is no accompanying media with OEM licenses and that it comes installed on a new system before the system leaves our shop. They can then order a copy of the media via a Web link in the license case for a small shipping fee.

Here is a link to our previous blog post on Windows Vista's editions: Windows Vista - Now ... Just Exactly What is in What Edition Again?!?

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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