Friday 18 January 2008

Trend Micro Partner Program

We have taken the next steps in our severing our business relationship with Symantec: We have registered with Trend Micro's Partner Program.

We started this process earlier this week by phoning the Trend toll free number to inquire about some part numbers and the person we spoke with pointed us in the direction of the Partner Program.

We eventually received a call from Casey, who in turn answered all of our questions and provided a good bit of background information on the Partner Program and what it has to offer us. She then emailed us with further information and links to relevant Partner resources.

So far, the conversations with our initial contact in the company and subsequently Casey in Distribution Channel Support have been refreshing. It is good to talk to someone who knows their company's products and is quite competent at their job. This is a huge step over the Symantec front line on the other end of their Corporate/Enterprise phone numbers.

One of the benefits of the Partner Program we will take advantage of immediately is the ability to obtain NFR versions of their products. This will provide us the means to work with the products we intend to install and support at our client sites.

Some relevant Trend Micro links: We should receive our NFR keys pretty soon. Once we do, we will download the software and begin our adventure into Trend's security products.

We will keep you posted.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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