Tuesday 5 May 2009

Windows 7 Torrent Risks Revisited

A while back, we posted about the risks versus the benefits when it comes to downloading software via Torrent or P2P: Windows 7 Torrent Risks.

The folks that are putting out malware and Trojans understand the need to work with as many attack vectors as possible. One of those vectors is the software “freely” available via P2P download.

We see P2P downloading as just too easy of a target. The greater the value of the download, like Windows 7, the greater the value of compromising a good image with some sort of malware. It makes “business” sense.

There have been a few recent articles on the matter too:

With the download now freely available at Microsoft’s site Windows 7 Release Candidate Download, all it takes is some time, bandwidth, and a DVD or two to burn the RC and install from there.

Again, we stand by our original thought on the matter: We choose to evaluate the risks versus the “benefits” of downloading via Torrent or P2P as too risky. Period.

Philip Elder
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