Saturday 16 May 2009

Signing Into the SharePoint Site Via the Windows 7 Favorite Link

As we have mentioned in our previous blog post on Windows 7 and SharePoint integration, one of the really kewl new features in Windows 7 is the ability to Favorite a SharePoint library for quick access.

There is a small catch that we need to be aware of when trying to sign into the SharePoint library via the Windows 7 Favorite though:

09-05-16 SharePoint Sign On

Note the backslash just before the username. If that backslash is not there, Windows 7 will send the credentials in Domain\FirstLast format and SharePoint does not seem to like that.

Put .\FirstLast for the credentials and the local machine name will appear on the left of the backslash.

Now that we have figured that out, our access to the SharePoint library is quick and easy.

Note that the first time a document is opened in the library, we may be prompted for credentials too. Those credentials need to be in the same format as above.

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