Thursday 8 February 2007

The Mac versus PC Ad thing...

As a passionate PC user, I find the PC versus Mac thing sometimes very funny.

I do believe that Macs have their place in the world, just not mine.

Not after that *#()#! Mac ate my floppy with my third year Psychology paper the evening before it was due. I had been working on that one for a while, and it was quite a frustrating experience as both the the U. Support staff were unable to help, and the stupid machine refused to release my disk. U. Support came down the next morning when the lab was open to reboot the Macs to get them back, and I got my floppy finally...but no paper. :*P

That had happened before, but not leaving me disk-less, and with no damage to the contents.

I swore off Macs after that. At least I could manually remove my floppy from the PC machine behind me, and I would have had options for recovering the data from it too.

Yes, my PC machine was temperamental too, but I had the knowledge and capability to deal with those eccentricities and work with or around them. And I could backup my work.

Recently, Apple has had those PC and Mac commercials. Not being much of a TV watcher, I haven't really seen too many of them.

But, I certainly have heard about them from both PC and Mac camp friends and acquaintances.

Charlie Brooker has a great take on those commercials in his article, "I hate Macs". It is a good read, and quite funny.

And, btw, I do show my bias for liking this particular article! :D

Thanks to Vlad for pointing out this great read.

Happy PCing,

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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