Thursday 15 February 2007

Vista - Telnet Client not Installed by Default

I went to test a POP3 server connection from one of our Vista remote clients, and discovered that the Telnet client was not installed by default.

In the Vista default view:

Click on the green Programs Link. You will be taken to the following page:

The link with the shield, Turn Windows features on or off, is the next one to click on.

You will be greeted with the now famous UAC (User Access Control):

From there, you can choose to install whatever Vista feature you are looking for:

Then, you will be done.

If you are a bit of a traditionalist, as I am, then you can switch to the Classic View, and click on the icon!

Now, off to find the source of my POP3 problem!

Windows Vista User Access Control on TechNet:
And, Microsoft's Windows Vista homepage.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists


Brian Pence said...

A good substitute for Windows telnet client is AbsoluteTelnet from Celestial Software. Not only does it support telnet as the MS client does, but it also supports SSH, which is a better security choice. It has a tabbed interface, advanced security, and is translated into seven languages!

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


It definitely looks interesting! We will check it out as we do have a need for SSH connectivity too.

Thanks for the suggestion,


Brian Pence said...

Thanks Philip. Let me know what you think after you try it!