Monday 26 February 2007

Remote Desktop Connection (TS Client 6.0) KB925876

It seems that there have been some connectivity issues with the new RDP 6.0 Client via SBS RWW.

Susan Bradley mentions it here, as does Dean Calvert here.

So far, we have seen a few TS 6.0 glitches.

One particular hiccup with the client that I have noticed though, is when connecting to a member server on the domain with MSTSC 6.0: if the client session is sitting long enough for the session to lock out, generally 15 minutes, the TS Client resets the "log on to" to the local machine instead of the domain.

It has happened pretty consistently.

When logging back into the server one is greeted with:

The first few times it happened, I thought I was making a typo since our passwords tend to be quite long.

But, that was not the case, as clicking the Options button reveals this:

One needed to change the log on location back to the domain from the local machine.

It has since become a habit, but it was a little annoying at first!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists


Anonymous said...

Do you know of a way to change the default 15 minute time out to something else?

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

There are a lot of varibles that need to be known before a complete answer can be made.

"That depends..." as I have heard at many a Microsoft conference! ;)

For example, for Terminal Servers it can be set in a GPO that is linked to the OU the Terminal Server sits in.

OU-->GPO-->Computer Config-->Admin Templates-->Windows Components-->Terminal Services-->Sessions-->Sets a time limit for active but idle Terminal Services sessions.

Try a virtual config first before making any changes to a production environment!

For Remote Web Workplace users this setting is modified by the check mark right at the RWW logon page.

Check our blog post on that subject: Remote Web Workplace Timeouts.