Saturday 3 February 2007

UPS - Class Action Lawsuit - Failed Customs Brokerage Consent


That is the reason that we will never use UPS to ship and when purchasing product if we have the option to choose the shipper it won't be UPS.


Two very important server shipments that we received were crushed. It was a fight to work with their insurance to at least get some compensation for the loss. Thus, two very important commitments I made with clients were broken, and we had a loss of trust in UPS' abilities to serve our shipping needs.

On a number of occasions, we received packages from the U.S. via UPS with no packing information. Having signed for them, I did not think anything of it.

Until the UPS Brokerage invoices arrived in the mail later. In one case, the products were worth $40US, the invoice for the brokerage fees etc. was more.

I did not authorize UPS to broker the import of one of those packages, and I refused reception of the other due to the exorbitant brokerage fees.

The shipment that was refused showed up two weeks later, again with no paperwork, so I assumed that they waived the fees.


I received an invoice from them for the fees a couple weeks later.

It took a lot of wrangling with the UPS people on the phone to get them to accept that I did not approve of UPS brokering the packages for us. Eventually they did accept that and agreed to void the invoices.

They indicated to me that when the fees are lower than $50 they cannot go after the shipper for them so they chase after us, the receiver. So, when the fees are over $50, do shippers realize that they should find out from the receiver why those fees are coming back at them? Or do they just pay? Something stinky here...follow the bouncing ball and you will figure it out...

Then I received a collection letter for one of the invoices a number of months later.

Again, I was on the phone with them to get the situation resolved. It eventually did, with my explicit instructions that I receive a letter indicating the charges were waived.

Never initiate communications with a Collection Agency. Believe me...

I would never invoice any of my own clients or prospective clients without having obtained their prior consent for the product or service. Thus, another reason for not dealing with UPS.

I now see that my experiences are not all that uncommon, and that a class action lawsuit has been initiated.

You can find out more information here. It has been filed at the provincial level, but the fact that there is an e-mail address for people to get in touch with them from other provinces, shows that more suits may be forthcoming - my opinion of course!

Happy to not ship with UPS!

Philip E.
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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