Thursday 1 February 2007

Office 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts for Office 2003 Users

While in Excel, I got this message as I went about my usual keyboard shortcut to do something. This little gem popped up to let me know that I can continue with the way I would have done it, or cancel out:

That's a nice touch for us keyboard shortcut users.

Here's another screen shot of what happens when you hit the ALT key:

The ALT+Letter combination possibilities come up. This gives one the chance to get familiar with the new ways of keyboarding around the interface.

So, after hitting the ALT first, then the H to bring up the next set of keyboard strokes within the Home tab, we come up with the following:

There are certainly a greater number of steps to achieve the same tasks as before, however, there are now a whole new set of keyboard shortcuts for commands that one would have had to manually create in Office 2003.

And, for ALT+F we find our old File menu under the Office Symbol:

We have the traditional key strokes, and then a few new ones for some new sub menus.

The blue lines represent previously opened files in Excel, Word, etc. I do like the fact that we are no longer restricted to 9 previously opened files.

The learning curve involved with the new key strokes is not too steep. It will not be too difficult to pick up for those of us who use our keyboards more so than our mouse to get around a program's interface.

Happy Keyboarding!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists.

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