Thursday 29 May 2008

Java Setup Errors 2755 and 1624 on Windows Vista

We had a really strange fight to get the Jave runtime to install on a client's Vista Business SP1 laptop.

No matter what we tried while logged in as the user we would always get:

Java Setup: Internal Error 2755. 1624, ...

Note that the install .msi file is not in a temp folder but under its own subfolder.

Just in case we emptied out the Temp folders both under the user's profile and under the %windir% to no avail.

We went to the Java Manual Download page and downloaded the full Offline version for Windows.

Still we did not get anywhere.

A bit of searching turned up the following in Sun's Java forums: Java Install / Autoupdate - Help Please:J2RE Installation fails - "Internal Error 2755. 1624, ".

We followed each suggestion as we progressed down the various posts. None of them worked until the post by JimDenver on 09/18/07 to start the .msi install from the folder listed in the error.

We did that and we were eventually greeted with:

Java Setup - Progress: Installing Java

The install kept going until it hit the "Registering Components" phase. Then it just sat there.

We left it alone for about 5 minutes which was an abnormally long time for an install on a laptop as powerful as the one we were working with.

One of the notes in the forum posts talks about antivirus or antispyware blocking the install. So, we brought up the Task Manager and sure enough for every CPU cycle the Windows Installer was taking up Windows Defender was taking up twice as much. It looked as though there was a competition going on between the two.

We killed the Windows Defender process and within seconds the Java install showed:

Java Setup - Complete

Just to make sure the Windows Defender blockage did not cause any further issues, we went to the Verify Java Version page and ran the test. We were given a successful install of Java 1.6.6 page!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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missy said...

My huge thanks to you! This solved my problem!! I was about to pull my hair out! And the contractors that will "chat" with you at Java wanted $75 for installation tech support! Ouch! I am very thankful for Google and THIS post!

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


I am glad the post helped! :)