Saturday 26 December 2009

Intel 14.8.x LAN ProSet Update To 14.8.3 Caveat

The most recent update to the Intel ProSet driver and NIC performance and teaming management software requires that the previous version be uninstalled _prior_ to installing this most recent version.


This means that any server with the earlier 14.8.x drivers installed will require either an on-site visit or the use of an Out-of-Band remote management capability such as Intel’s RMM2/3 or Dell’s DRAC to accomplish the update.

Note that the removal of the drivers may require a reboot with _no_ NICs installed so expect a lengthy reboot for either version of SBS.

Also make sure to check that the IPv4 settings are correct and either run the CEICW on SBS 2003 or the Fix My Network wizard on SBS 2008 to make sure nothing is broken underneath once the new drivers are in place.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
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