Wednesday 6 January 2010

Tired Hardware Costs ... Big Time

I am sitting in front of a ShadowProtect Recovery Environment screen in the process of recovering an SBS 2003 box.

The box is about four years old and has seen better days.

Fortunately, our client has a new box scheduled to be migrated in with SBS 2008 now sooner than later. This is important because this is the second major recovery in seven months!

Unfortunately, our client is a non-profit that has seen a decline in their revenues via donations as well as from our governments. Thus they really needed to dig to come up with the funds to replace their ailing server.

It is understandable, at least in this type of situation, that there is a need to stretch the IT dollar as far as it will go.

But, for corporations to small IT providers this should not be the case.


Because, the hidden cost of older hardware is to be found in hardware downtime as well as in employees losing productivity waiting for their day to day tasks to be accomplished.

Having a two to three year refresh cycle for hardware should be an important part of any company's budgeting.

For the IT provider, like attracts like. That is, there is a tangible difference to a business prospect between someone trying to sell them something they never use and someone that brings the product or solution to the prospect and runs through some of the key points. The prospect can identify with and get excited about what it will do for their business.

And finally, we are fortunate that our client saw the value in the ShadowProtect license. The OS partition is nearly done with the swap file and data partitions left to go. There is a lot of data here, so I will be sitting here, or kibitzing with the folks for another couple of hours.

Thanks for reading!


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