Friday 15 January 2010

Intel Modular Server – Error – KVM Sensor – Invalid Session Ticket

While working on setting up the Nodes for this second test run, we ran into this:


Remote KVM Session

Establishing session. Please wait…

This would go on and on and on no matter which machine we were trying to connect from.

Looking in the logs we found:


KVM Session sensor – Invalid session ticket

Note the distinct lack of an exclamation mark to indicate what is essentially a serious problem. We lost the ability to create a KVM session with any of the Nodes.

Looking in the Events tab we found: 


A call into Intel brought about the following process:

  1. Power down all Nodes in the IMS.
  2. Reset the CMM module.
    1. Click on the Chassis Back tab.
    2. Click on the CMM module.
      • image
    3. Click on the Reset button under the Actions menu.
      • image
    4. Confirm the reset request.
    5. Post reset, Power Off all of the Nodes.
    6. Pull the A/C plugs on all of the power supplies.
    7. Wait a couple of minutes for everything to power down.
    8. Plug the A/C plugs back in.

We have the Nodes set to power up automatically in the BIOS after a power failure. So, the Nodes all came back up and we were relieved to see that we could make a KVM connection to each Node without the error happening.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

*Our original iMac was stolen (previous blog post). We now have a new MacBook Pro courtesy of Vlad Mazek, owner of OWN.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks it worked perfectly :)

Philipp said...

I have sometimes the Problem that the Token is inaccessible.
If you pull out the compute modul and reinsert it, it works again.
so the reboot of the cmm is not neccessary... also it takes a long times for booting the cmm ;)

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Excellent, thank you for pointing that out! That is much better than having to power cycle the whole IMS unit.


aamir Lodhi said...

dear Philipp,
is there any permanent solution for this problem,
we have 6 Chassis in 1 premises but all have this sort of issue at 2 or 3 blades.
is there any firmware update for this issue?
is there any update for browser any plugin or anything?


Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Make sure your Java is up to date on all browsers as well as the CMM firmware.


aamir Lodhi said...

Dear phillip,

jave is upto date, and CMM firmware is 6.5,

now we are going to update this at 6.8. may you tell me is any firmware revision delete perivious firmware version or its just updates?

and may you tell me which port of tcp/udp is using by this kvm?

may be there is a firewall isue.


Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


You could try turning off the firewall, however the connectivity issue has not showed up for us since updating to CMM firmware 6.x.