Thursday 25 February 2010

Olympic Video Streaming Bandwidth Impact?

Wow …


The above screenshot Snip was in a support session where the bank that their client deals with has tweaked something so that IE7 and IE8 can no longer connect.

So, the download of Firefox is on its way, but look at that speed! Our client’s site has a 3Mb ADSL connection.

We have downloaded drivers from ATI and nVidia as well as from Intel’s site and we are seeing a huge impact on bandwidth here at the shop.

Our pipe is a 6Mb ADSL connection with the CO being less than 300m away so we typically see 675-725KB/Sec download speeds.

This is what one download looks like from Intel’s site:


Perhaps the problem is localized to the Greater Edmonton Area (our client’s site is on the South Side) as the Canadian Women’s Curling team is currently playing and they just happen to be from Alberta!

Here is what the Internet Traffic Report site is reporting:


Hopefully this condition disappears at some point since the Women’s Hockey gold match between Team USA and Team Canada is later this afternoon and there will be no doubt that most of Canada will either be streaming the game or sitting in front of the HD TV!

We are hoping for the latter as we plan to close up shop early today!

Go Canada Go! :)

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