Wednesday 29 October 2008

SBS 2008 - OEM OPK Help Documentation Error - Port 443 not 433!

We all have our moments where the fingers seemingly disjoint themselves from our brains! ;)

An important typo to note in the Windows SBS 2008 OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) User's Guide:

SBS_OPK CHM file typo wrongly indicates to port forward 433.

Most of us would pick up on the fact that the port is supposed to be port 443 for SSL connections. But, there are a number of us out there who are not familiar with the various TCP and UDP ports, or port ranges, and what they do.

This is another reason why reading the documentation is so important for those of us who are in the know! We get to learn a little more about the product, but we can also discover critical errors in the documentation and let the appropriate people know!

Imagine for a moment, someone has just finished their SBS OEM OOBE and everything is working just as it should until they try to hit the Remote Web Workplace from outside the misconfigured router.

Hopefully the first thing they check was the ports used in the port forwarding. But, if they are not familiar with the correct ports to use in the first place, things would turn into quite the troubleshooting spaghetti fest with the likely possibility of indigestion! :(

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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