Monday 27 October 2008

SBS 2008 - Access Denied when adding a printer

That learning curve is still there! :)

Trying to add a network printer to an SBS box we get the following:

Add Printer - Access Denied

Okay, so it is late at night, and the above linked lesson may not have sunk in past the cranial matter yet! ;)

So, given the previous post linked, guess what we forgot to do when adding the printer?

That is right! Right click on Add Printer and then click on Run as administrator!

Okay, so we need to get into the habit of elevating on the server too!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! I am assuming that you already were logged in as an admin because non-admin accounts can't log in directly. Is this still true in 2008?


Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Yes. Domain admin account.

UAC hits whenever we open any console, and need to make any changes of significance on the server.

So, it is a matter of getting into the habit of right clicking and "Run as admin" to elevate for pretty much any changes.

Thanks for the comment,


James R. Marcus said...

thanks man!

Unknown said...

Frankly this seems like a bug in Server 2008. Anyways ...

Where exactly do u go to right click on add a printer? I see this option many place by right clicking on any of them does not provide a run as administrator option?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I had the exact same problem and this was the solution!

- Mark

Anonymous said...

Thx - it worked for us aswell

A bit tricky tho as you have to right click in the "center pane"/the printerlist section/pane select option "Run as Administrator" in the popup menu and then "add printer"

Hitting the button in the top "Add printer" won't give you this option.



Matthew Poppoff said...

You are a life saver

Anonymous said...

I can't say that my life was in jeopardy, but I am thankful for your Post.
Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

All y'all are welcome! :)


Nikobe said...

bless you! sat here at work on a Sunday trying to get this to work and found obvious but so stupid (on MS behalf)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the "secret answer" to how to add a printer. You saved me a lot of time.

Greg in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps, and funnily enough, it was late at night!

Unknown said...

Another grateful SBS 2008 noob here! Thanks for the tip, I was about to rip my printer a new... firmware.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Phil!

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

All y'all are very welcome! :)


Anonymous said...

Well done!
very helpful

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this still hasn't been patched. I ran around this issue for about an hour before I decided to hit google. I'm logged into the console as the domain admin.. obviously having printer rights. This is a pure bug.

Anonymous said...

Thank You! How easy (When you know....)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, how ease (if you know)

Anonymous said...

great. you are a hero

Kenbank said...

When I encountered this problem I spent a couple of days scratching my head and feeling stupid. When I read this post I confirmed my suspicions. Duh! I agree with the previous poster who asserts that when LOGGED IN as the administrative user you would think that you would ALREADY be elevated by dint of login. It is so counter-intuitive that it must either have been an oversight or a bug. Should we give them the benefit of the doubt? LOL!

Jan said...

Great work!
Thank you for the information.
Greets from Holland

Sherlock said...

Thank you, I was adding a KM 1690mf to our own SBS 2008 server. What I am surprised about is that I have printers I have added in the past, long past. I don't remember this being an issue. Again, thanks!

Mark Harby said...

Thanks Phil
Saved another life, cheers mate.

Mark Harby
Nottingham. UK