Friday 16 March 2007

Windows XP x64 SP2 now available

Okay, I am a little behind on my WSUS monitoring.

With a couple of critical client situations taking up most of our week, now is the first time to go through our servers and approve updates that need to happen.

This gem caught my eye under the highlighted updates:

We don't really work with XP Pro x64 that much due to the lack of need in our client base.

I was surprised to see that XP x64 gets an SP2 along with Server 2003 x64 versions.

Go to the XP Pro site and then link on to the XP x64 SP site and we get the following:

One thing that pleasantly surprises me in the links: We can now download the Service Pack CD via an ISO download. No more ordering and waiting for that CD to come, waiting for the TechNet update disks, or Microsoft Action Pack.

That in my opinion is an excellent move on Microsoft's part.

Click on to the actual download:

And, low and behold, the XP x64 version is the same as the Server 2003 x64 versions.

I am not a software architect by any means, but I do find it curious that the SP covers both server and desktop x64 editions.

Also, check out that download size: 475 MB!

This leads me to believe, given the size of the recent SQL 2005 service pack, that the Vista and eventual Longhorn service packs will approach 1 GB in download size. WOW!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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