Monday 24 March 2008

22" LG Flatron Wide L226WTX - BF - not so good

We were looking to try out some new product lines for our LCD monitors here in the shop.

We do that before selling any LCD products to our clients so that we are not pulling something out of the box and ending up with a product we and our client do not like.

The 22" LG wide L226WTX - BF LCDs were purchased to run on each side of an Acer AL2416W LCD monitor.

We have been very happy with both the Acer and BenQ monitors we have been using and supplying to our clients so far.

However, as soon as the LGs were hooked up and the ATI Catalyst Control Center was used to turn the monitors on, we were not really impressed.

Out of the box, the LG's tint/warmth were way out of line with the Acer's colour qualities. We played with the colour management features in the ATI software to see if we could get things close. We could not.

We went into the LG's on board menu to try and work the image's colour to come closer to the Acer with no success either.

We left them at the workstation even though they were not recreating the colours to our liking to see how they stand up over time. It has now been a couple of months, and both monitors are starting to have pixels flake out on them.

All in all, our initial venture into these particular LG products, at the 22" wide LCD level, was a disappointment. As result, none of these products will be ending up on our client's desks.

For Reference

These monitors have been on 24/7 since they were installed with sleep mode happening when the machine was idle for over 2 hours. They are peripheral monitors, so they would display Outlook, Adobe palettes, image directories, secondary Explorer Windows, the Windows Vista Sidebar, and other such content. They are being driven via a pair of ATI X1900XTX/CrossFire video cards with up to date ATI Catalyst drivers.

A fourth monitor is pedestal mounted above the Acer 24" LCD. It is a BenQ FP931 19" standard LCD monitor that has been around for a long time. It has no problems with matching the colour tones and warmth of the Acer AL2416W below it.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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