Friday 7 March 2008

Intel Server Systems Quick Reference Site

This is a kewl little sub-site that has a drop down list so one can find information on the various Intel Server System platforms:

Intel Server Systems Quick Reference Site

We select our processor platform, and we are presented with a fairly specific list of products.

Once we have clicked on the Server System we are interested in, we receive a link to the product's sub-site.

For one-off needs, a simple search will bring up the site we need. But, when we are quoting on multiple configurations, having this site open in a Tab makes product specific information research all the quicker.

Just click the drop down beside the "10" and change it to a higher number and we have the entire product line at our finger tips.

Link: Intel Server Systems.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

Chipset numbers will be aligned to the appropriate processor for ease to use those identifiers. Chipsets and boards that are already named will
of matching, and are indicated by a one-letter suffix. For example, in the continue to use those names. Some dual-core processors with processor
name Intel 5000X, the X identifies this as a chipset and 5000 identifies numbers will launch with chipsets that already have names.
it as a chipset for the Intel Xeon Processor 5000 series.

Just a guess No clue if right or wrong?

Andy Asselin

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


In this particular case, we are looking for what the "X" means in the X5450 Xeon processor designation.

You are right, the prefix and suffix letters in Intel's boards always mean someting:
S5000PSL P=Chipset SL=Star Lake
X38BT X=Extreme BT=Bonetrail

Thanks for the comment!