Tuesday 11 August 2009

Windows 7 Beta Testers – Download or Boxed Thank You Copy?

If you participated in the Windows 7 Beta program on the Microsoft Connect site, then there is an option to either download a complimentary copy of the Ultimate version of the OS, or wait for a boxed copy.

Click on the Information on getting your Windows 7 RTM “Thank you” copy link under What’s New? shown below:


A survey link will be found on the page that follows:


In our case, we are choosing the complimentary boxed copy as it will be used to upgrade my Dad’s system to Windows 7. If we are not eligible, then the download version will be used to do the same.

Note that the boxed copy option may not be fulfilled due to the fact that there is a certain number available.

While on the Windows 7 Connect program site, have a look at the numerous Windows 7 learning resources available for download:


The above screenshot shows the newest two downloads. There are three full pages of them.

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