Friday 21 January 2011

SBS 2011 Migration – Change That GP Preference for Source Server Drive Maps

We use Group Policy Preferences for a lot of the settings that get delivered to users.

For one, all drive maps get set up by GP Prefs. Our usual setting is to Update for any drive map that gets created. We have discovered that in our current settings have not updated the backend SBS server name and location change as expected.

For whatever reason, the change does not seem to be taking.


So, we changed that Update setting to Replace and our new Company folder took over the O: drive letter as expected.


Note that entry number 2 is a drive map for our Companyweb site.

Once we logged off and back on again our drive letters pointed to the new SBS server destination folders.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

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Troy Cowin said...

Would you recommend leaving it on replace rather than update for day to day usage?

BTW - your deployment guide for SBS 2011 is extremely useful, thanks for your hardwork!

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


To keep things simple we will be leaving the setting on replace from now on and deploying new setups with it on as well.



Anonymous said...

How is that N: drive for Companyweb used? It is mapped to users but intended for Companyweb?? What is the function of this drive??

I just got interested...

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

For an explanation on the how/where the Companyweb mapped drive letter works see our blog post:

MPECS Inc. Blog: With Windows 7 and SharePoint Who Needs a VPN?.


mwearl said...

The one thing I'm not clear on is the difference between create, replace and update. I was previously using a modified SBS_LOGIN_SCRIPT.bat to map my drives. I have REM'd those out and will remove once I see the GPO maps working. Is it a matter of "when in doubt" use replace on the GPO?