Monday 18 July 2011

SBS 2011 – Remote Desktop Gateway Management

The RD Gateway services are installed and configured by default during the SBS 2011 OS install and then by the Getting Started Tasks Wizards in the SBS Console.

Technically, we are licensed to use the RD Gateway service via the Remote Web Access portal.

If we create RDP files to gain direct access to our desktops on the SBS network or we install and configure an RDS server then we are required to have RDS CALs for each user.

When we have RD Gateway services being utilized in this manner though we may require access to the RD Gateway service.

To do so, we need to install the RD Gateway UI via an elevated command prompt.

  • dism /online /Enable-Feature:Gateway-UI.

Note that there will be some errors that come up when opening the RD Gateway console that can be safely ignored. The errors are SBSisms.

Hat Tip: Susan Bradley

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

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Seanpt said...

Since the early days of SBS2008 I've been using the remote desktop client to get around some of the goofyness of the RWW (now RWA) client.

Heck, that is how I connect to my own computer when I'm off site.

That requires a seperate license? (I'm not calling you a liar. I believe you so read that more like a voice of astonishment and not questioning.)

That just seems a little heavy handed ... even for Microsoft licensing.

Seanpt said...

I believe you so take the following question with a tone of astonishment more than genuine skepticism.

You have to have a license to use the remote desktop client instead of wonky, goofy, security prompt ridden, IE Only Active X control?

Since I first installed SBS2008 I've stopped using the RDP program and mapped ports. I just used RDP and put in my gateway settings and go to access my own machine. I've set up countless other people in the same way. I never imagined needing a seperate license to use the mstsc.exe instead of the Goofy ActiveX control.

This seems heavy handed ... even for MS licensing.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


As I understand it, the RD Gateway setup in SBS is an SBSism.

Essentially, anywhere else in the Windows world an RDS CAL is required to use any RDS setup.

RDP via RWW/RWA is an exception to the rule.

Connect directly and a CAL is required. That is the compromise between SBS and RDS.

And yes, I was quite shocked when I found out too.

All of our direct access via RD Gateway clients have RDS CALs.