Wednesday 27 February 2013

Wondering Out Loud: Are Adobe's and Oracle's Updates A Way To Get Chrome and the Ask Toolbar Installs Up?!?

Okay, so this post is facetious bordering on sarcasm.

The number of security related problems in Java is mind boggling. The fact that Oracle "bundles" the Ask Toolbar with a security update is just plain dumb.


No, I don't want to install Chrome with this particular update to Flash.

With the quality assurance department getting a failing grade at so many companies today one must wonder how we are ever going to get anything done with our credit card numbers being stolen, our identities being stolen, our Inboxes being inundated by compromised Yahoo account's link SPAM, and so much more InterWebs connected rubbish.

Maybe Oracle can employ one or two of these white hat type folks and pay them to find the vulnerabilities in their software _before_ the software goes out the door as garbage! Aren't software vendors supposed to employ folks to do that?

Or, why can't the developers find the bugs in their own the code?

Holy Sugar Smacks! What the chicken is going on here?!?

Someone's mom needs to give their kid in charge of finding bugs in Java a stern talking to at Oracle. They are obviously failing at their job. :P

Would someone _please_ buy Java away from Oracle and clean that crap up?!? Huh?!? PULEASE!

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Mark D said...

The problems with Java long pre-date Oracles involvement. However we've yet to see any sign of it getting better. This whole Secure Development concept seems to have passed them by. Adobe has belatedly improved the Reader product, but Flash is the one we can't easily replace and is still beset with issues.