Monday 20 October 2008

Blog Talk Radio- On Being Professional as SMB Consultants this Friday

Stuart Crawford hosts a regular discussion on Blog Talk Radio called Small Business IT.

This Friday, Stuart will be hosting:

We are going to talk about small IT shops and professionalism. How do we maintain professionalism and what do we do when we encounter IT consultants who do not operate in a professional manner.

The chat should be about an hour long. So, if you have an hour to spare, have a listen!

Here is the registration link: Being Professional as SMB Consultants.

UPDATE: Show is at 10:00AM Mountain.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Absoblogginlutely! said...

Neat - look forward to listening to this one - I'm a couple of weeks behind at the moment but it's one of the shows I listen to. However I do find the audio quality pretty poor sometimes so if I'm running out of space on the ipod, it's typically the first show I skip.