Saturday 4 October 2008

SBS - Event ID 537 NTLM Logon Errors Solved - Sorta

This was the last post on the subject among many since we began to see the errors: SBS - Event ID 537 NTLM Logon Errors - 0x80090308 and Trend.

Robert Crane has the fix: Login errors after Trend upgrade.

As per the comments also in our above post:
  1. In ADUC: Create a new User: Trend and set password: 0hReally?
  2. Add the user to Internet Users for SBS 2003 Premium to allow access through ISA.
  3. Set the username and password to Trend's Web Reputation proxy settings.

The errors should stop. The big thing is to make sure that both the user name and password do not combine to more than 14 characters. We cannot even do this: domain\Trend since the domain characters will also count.

We have all seen all manners of code slip by with some pretty funky bugs. This has to be one of the better ones to have slipped by the "quality control" people over at Trend.

For us, this situation, the lack of support, and the fact that one of our clients who was virus free until we installed Trend A/V on their systems pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin.

We will go back to Symantec for the time period between now and when our clients have SBS 2008 installed. From there we will run with ForeFront and Live OneCare on SBS 2008.

We are also in the process of proposing ExchangeDefender to all of our clients too. It is a very minimal cost per month, provides great protection for all incoming and outgoing e-mail, and provides a little extra monthly revenue for us.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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