Wednesday 28 January 2009

Need: Intel Fan Kit for Intel Desktop Board DX58SO or 2U Passive Heatsink for LGA771?

Intel recently went through a manufacturing hiccup with their SC5299 and SC5400 series server chassis.

We had already placed an order with our supplier for a server configured on the SC5299BRP series chassis when we found out a week or so later that they would not be available until the manufacturing problem had been worked out.

Once we found that out, we searched to find any Intel server chassis and ended up with an SC5400BRP series and the additional power supply.

Now, one thing that got missed was the fact that we had two Intel Xeon E5430 Quad Core series processors with the Active heat sink/fan combination. The SC5400BRP requires the 2U passive heat sink for the CPU as there is a fan and duct setup to keep them cooled.

Our suppliers and Intel's site, along with some extensive searching turned up absolutely nothing for 2U passive heat sinks for the LGA771 socket.

We phoned into the Intel Channel Partner Program Support line to find out if we had an alternative to purchasing two additional CPUs with the passive heat sinks! We were beyond the 30 day exchange for the CPUs, and the packages had been opened. :(

They pointed us to the following site:

Intel Spares: LGA771-F 2U Passive Fan Heat Sink Solution.

The site did not come up in any of our search engines that we used while looking for the heat sinks!

This site has a number of hard to find Intel related spare parts:

Intel Spares: Fan Kit for Intel Desktop Board DX58SO.

Note the prices! They are definitely out to make a killing.

Other spare parts include things like motherboard configuration labels, I/O shields, active heat sinks, 1U/2U fans, and a lot more.

For us, the site has turned a bad mistake that could have been very costly (purchase two E5430 Passive CPUs) into a very reasonably priced mistake.

The site's direct link: Industry Education.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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