Thursday 8 January 2009

Webinar: Jeff Middleton - Migration Concepts with SBS 2008

Jeff Middleton, an SBS MVP, is hosting a Webinar on SBS 2008 migration concepts.

Microsoft Partner Program: 5W/50 Series - Migration Concepts with SBS 2008 Friday January 9 at 09:00AM Pacific Time (US & Canada).

We have been SwingIT subscription holders for about two to three years now. Jeff's migration techniques, called a Swing Migration, to Swing SBS 2003 onto new hardware, or even Swing it off the old hardware and back on again are an absolute must learn for anyone supporting SBS.

While the Swing Migration method is great for migrating the existing OS, the techniques are an absolutely phenomenal foundation to work from when it comes to recovering SBS from a catastrophic failure. Once comfortable with them, it is a lot easier to stay calm in the midst of establishing a recovery plan for a failed SBS server. The techniques help establish the big picture, directions to take, and ultimately the best road to follow through to a successful SBS recovery.

Come have a listen. It will be worth your while!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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