Saturday 26 September 2009

HP iLO 2 Remote KVM Console Licensing Gotcha

Our primary server product line for our local clients is for the most part Intel branded servers that we build.

For our remote clients we have had a good experience with Dell servers and their server products . . . for the most part.

The migration being done this weekend is for a new client that already has an existing HP ML350 G5 that has SBS 2003 Premium R2 on it and a new HP ML350 G6 that we are installing SBS 2008 onto in Migration Mode.

Now, when it comes to the add-in remote management modules in the Intel (RMM2 or RMM3) and Dell (DRAC 5) the Java driven remote KVM console feature is built-in and enabled out of the box. All we need to do is configure the network setup, security settings, and the users to access the module.

This is what we discovered when we enabled the iLO2 on the ML350 G5 that has the existing SBS 2003 OS on:


And, in the iLO2 console itself:


iLO 2 Feature Not Licensed

Activate this iLO 2 feature by installing an optional license key.

Then, we look around for a bit more information and we find:


iLO 2 License Activation

Licensing iLO 2 Advanced enables true [emphasis ours] Lights-Out Management by enabling many features . . .

. . . that include the virtual KVM console.

Now, given our experience with the Intel Remote Management Module (RMM) and Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC), having the virtual KVM disabled out of the box was not considered as a possibility. If it is in the box, its features should be available . . . at least that was our assumption.

We now need to pick up a couple of the iLO Advanced licenses to enable functionality that we figured should have been enabled out of the box. After all, what is the point of installing the iLO 2 setup if it is not going to be used?

The additional cost?


The cost is on par with the Intel and Dell parts when looking at them as options to the overall server configuration. The gotcha is the need to understand that just because the HP server has the iLO hardware installed does not mean that its features are available out of the box.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
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Daniel Mundy said...

Timely post, I'm about to do an HP and had assumed the same thing. Thanks mate!

Michael said...

If you want full KVM you will need to buy the license but I think its better than having to buy and install additional hardware like on the Dells. I was pure Dell hardware guy until I changed gigs and went to an HP consulting shop, haven't looked back at Dell servers since.

Richard Blanco said...

Yes, you need an Advanced Key for the full gamut of options. If you just wanmt remote power turn on/off, the standard, included set is sufficient.

Kent17 said...

I know this is old, but Dell has begun Licensing "features" on their DRAC cards in the new generation and the remote console now requires and added license. Boo