Wednesday 23 September 2009

QuickBooks 2008 MC, XP Pro, and IE8 Error – Security Levels Too High

We just released IE8 on a network for the XP Pro client machines.

They are being used for QuickBooks 2008 Multi-Currency since a new set of Windows 7 Pro VMs have not been set up for this client yet.

This is the message from QuickBooks after the update:


 Internet Security Levels Are Set Too High

The security for Microsoft Internet Explorer has been set higher than the default levels. To use all features provided by QuickBooks, you must reduce the security levels for the “Internet” zone.

We click the Fix button and we get the Internet Properties’ Security tab:


Note the custom settings. The users on these machines are set up in a rather restricted way with the OS security settings tweaked a bit to accommodate QuickBooks 2008’s legacy code structure (Non-multicurrency is the product based on Intuit’s new codebase).

After clicking the Default Level button then Apply and OK, we were greeted with:


Now, the instinct is to close the program and start again. But, in this case we left QuickBooks alone as it thrashed through the system and we were eventually greeted with the company file’s logon page.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

*All Mac on SBS posts will not be written on a Mac until we replace our now missing iMac! (previous blog post)

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CrescentMan said...

I'm intrigued by your reference to QuickBooks 2008 Multi-Currency. I'm in the UK and I'm told that 2008 is not compatible with Multi-Currency so we are stuck with 2006 Pro. I have similar problems with IE 8; in my case BQ runs but the navigator screens are blank and an error appears in the "Find" and "Follow Me" windows. You mention "... OS security settings tweaked a bit to accommodate QuickBooks 2008’s legacy code structure ..." do you have any links for this as it ma solve my problem.