Monday 23 November 2009

What Version of SQL Is That?

We have a client that needs to update a Line of Business application that is using a SQL 2005 Express instance.

The LoB has a major update coming down the pipe and the product developer has stated that we need to have SQL 2005 SP2 at the minimum to support the newest features in the update.

The following SQL version comes via a screenshot of SQL Server Management Studio Express:


Okay, so, now what version and service pack level are we at?

Apparently SP2+Q954606 (GDR):


The above screenshot was taken from this site:

The site has an extremely comprehensive list of each version level depending on which SQL patches were installed.

So, we now know that we have SQL 2005 Service Pack 2 installed with Service Pack 3 looming in the near future and that our LoB can be safely updated.

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