Monday 20 September 2010

64-bit Linux Kernel Exploit – Full Root Rights

There is a new Linux kernel exploit that apparently is being exploited big time:


What does this mean for us?

We need to make sure that _any_ of our client’s hosted services running on Linux have an up to date kernel. We do so by contacting the hosting provider to verify their systems.

Otherwise our client’s sites may end up serving some exploits.

Further to detecting whether a system has been exploited:

One of the linked to articles on Slashdot Linux: Hole in Linux Kernel Provides Root Rights has this comment which is just too funny not to point out:


Good to see a sense of humour there! :)

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David Moisan said...

It's funny once you remember all the times you would read a support thread and the trolls would chime in, "Hur hur hur, just run Linux!"

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...



Whether we are talking about Linux or Mac Fanz the answer would be somewhat similar. I thought the line was _awesome_! :)