Tuesday 16 December 2008

SBS 2008 - Group Policy Object and Settings Commenting

Something new to Windows Server 2008 Group Policy is the ability to add comments to both the Group Policy Object itself and any Group Policy setting under the Administrative Templates.

Group Policy Object Comments

The above screenshot shows the comment placed on the default SBS 2008 Windows SBS Client - Windows XP Policy that can be found under the SBSComputers OU.

We have noted the date and the setting change we made to the GPO for later reference.

For the GPO setting itself:

GP Setting for XP to wait for the network enabled

We have enabled this particular setting because we were getting ready to distribute Office 2007 via Group Policy scripting. When we first started doing GP software installs with Office 2003, we ran into the problem where XP Pro clients would not install unless we enabled this setting.

Note the ability to add a comment to the setting. Talk about handy. Keep in mind that only those GP settings under the Administrative Templates node can be commented on.

This new ability will facilitate keeping track of the how/why/when a GP setting was enabled for those who may be troubleshooting a problem down the road.

GP Commenting was discussed during the recent Tech Days event. However, some further understanding was gleaned from reading up on GP Commenting in Jeremy Moskowitz's book on Group Policy Fundamentals.

Some further reading:

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