Tuesday 4 September 2007

SBS 2008 (Cougar) - Vista's UAC Control & Group Policy on W2K8

These training labs are available via the Partner Learning Centre.

That means that your company, whether incorporated or sole proprietorship, needs to be at least at the Microsoft Registered Partner level.

Not there? Then go here: Microsoft Partner Site and register your business. The benefits far out weigh the 15 minutes to register, and the subsequent hour or two to setup your company's profile.

Event Title : Managing User Account Control in Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn Server.

Event Title : Managing Windows Longhorn Server and Windows Vista using Group Policy.

Of course, Cougar is in Beta and under NDA at this point.

However, we all know that Cougar is being built upon Windows Server 2008 with Windows Vista as one of the target client OSs.

With that in mind, these two labs are an excellent way to see some facets of what we are going to have to learn in order to manage Cougar based networks in our near future.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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