Wednesday 19 September 2007

SBS - Changing Exchange MailBox Storage Limits

If a user forwards an email that comes to them indicating that they are near their mailbox storage limit, then we need to increase that storage amount, or set their AutoArchive to pull data out more aggressively.

A quick method for changing the 200MB limit on a person's mailbox store size:

In the Server Console:
  1. Advanced Management
  2. Right click on Exchange Organization and properties
  3. Tick both Display routing groups and Display administrative groups
  4. Close the Console after clicking Apply and OK.
  5. After reopening, go to Advanced Management
  6. MYDOMAIN (Exchange)
  7. Administrative Groups
  8. first administrative group
  9. Servers
  10. MySBSServer
  11. First Storage Group
  12. Right click on Mailbox Store and Properties
  13. Click the LIMITS tab.
  14. Change the Issue Warning and Prohibit send and receive amounts to something higher that is appropriate to your organization.
  15. APPLY and OK.
  16. Close console or move onto the next admin task.
The 200MB limit is definitely something we change right out of the box. We have clients that have 1GB to 2GB mailbox sizes. In their cases, now that we are moving our clients over to a ShadowProtect workstation environment, we can get more aggressive with our AutoArchive Group Policy settings and not worry about SOX/HIPAA or the like compliance.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Nathan said...

I Can't find anything called Server Console. There is a Windows SBS Console but I can't find Advanced.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

This post is for SBS 2003 settings.

For SBS 2008, The Official SBS Blog: How Do I Change Message Size Limits in Exchange 2007? has the answer for changing the limits in SBS 2008.