Tuesday 25 September 2007

SBS - SysInternals BGInfo Quick Config

Every server install that we do, whether SBS, Windows Server 2003, or others, we always copy the BGInfo - Background Info - utility into the Startup folder on the server.

The utility can be obtained here: Systernals BGInfo.

A screen shot of the background from the SysInternal's site:

Also from the SysInternal's Web site, a screen shot of the default settings in the utility:

This is the standard background configuration we use:
Host Name: <>

Boot Time: <>
Snapshot Time: <>

CPU: <>
Default Gateway: <>
DNS Server: <>
IE Version: <>
IP Address: <>
Logon Domain: <>
Logon Server: <>
Machine Domain: <>
Memory: <>
Network Card: <>
Network Speed: <>
OS Version: <>
Service Pack: <>
System Type: <>

Volumes: <>
Free Space: <>
The Blogger interface is really having a hard time with the greater than and less than symbols. It keeps wiping out the data in them, or not showing them at all. The latter is due to the software assuming that whatever is within the symbols is code.

There should be no space between the symbols and the data field.

So, when we have a moment, we will post a zipped text file of the configuration. It is nice to have access to when we setup new site servers.

Update: They showed up in the post, so you can copy and paste them into a text document as well and remove the spaces!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the text file: BGInfo Settings (zip file).

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, that's a great tool. We use that on the workstations as well, and include a blurb that mentions that usage of this computer constitutes acceptance of the company computer policy, mgmt reserves the right to inspect any computer at any time, and includes the URL to the "Internet Usage Policy" on the Companyweb intranet.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

That makes total sense. It is definitely something we can broach with our clients.

The tool makes it pretty easy to deploy in that manner too.

Thanks for that,