Monday 15 October 2007

System Builder Tip: New Xeon 3000 Series CPUs ...

We are receiving three new Xeon 3000 series Dual Core processors with 1,333 MHz Front Side Bus down the distribution (disti) pipe shortly:
  • Intel Xeon 3065 2.33 GHz BX805573065
  • Intel Xeon 3075 2.66 GHz BX805573075
  • Intel Xeon 3085 3.00 GHz BX805573085
Distribution is showing SKUs and in some cases, we can actually purchase them.

But, one major caveat: There is no server board for them yet. At least, not for us pedestal/5U system builders. There is an interesting 1U half sized server board available that enables one to cram two of the server boards into one standard 1U server chassis. Hmmm.... :D

This situation is identical with the release of the 3000 series Dual Core Xeons last summer. We had processors, but no S3000AH series boards to plug them into.

So today, on the phone with Intel we go. The representative we spoke with indicated that we should be seeing an X38 series replacement for the S3000AH SKU up soon.

Actual product flow will probably mirror our experience with the S3000AH too: Disti was reluctant to carry them and the processors while Pentium D processors and the SE7230NH1 were still prevalent in their own supply pipe at that time. So, the same may be true while the S3000AH and the current 3000 series Dual Core Xeons are available.

This time around though, it is not a big deal. An extra boost on the Front Side Bus will not break us.

But, things were not the same during last year's CPU/Motherboard tech shift.

Like our experience transitioning the desktop to Core 2 Duo from Pentium D, server performance jumped leaps and bounds ahead when we got our hands on our first Xeon 3050 and an S3000AH server board and could compare that server box pound for pound with a Pentium D server we had just finished building. The Xeon 3050 put the Pentium D 950 to shame hands down.

And so, we wait. :)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

Good things come to those who wait...!, especially to those patient for motherboard revision 1.2 or 2.0.

If the performance jump is similar to Pent D vs Core 2,
then I'd like on the bandwagon as it's a closer step to my personal holographic interactive computer personality.

"I'm sorry, Dave, ...I can't do that"


Beta tester of "0"s and "1"s

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

I totally agree on the need to wait.

We have been caught a few times with boards that were too low in their revision level to allow a Quad Core X32xx series Xeon to plug into the S3000AH boards.

We also got caught once with a pre-release version of the S5000PSL that refused to accept a pair of 51xx series Xeons.

The same was true for the DQ965GF board our corporate systems are based on. One could not plug in a Q6600 or any Q6xxx series CPU if the revision level was too low.

So, now we look at the overall picture for the box. Are we looking at the need for growth and thus a change in CPU? Then, we may suggest a short wait for the new tech to meet our client's needs.

Or, we will give them credit on the existing board and CPU and swap them out for a newer version.


Anonymous said...

"Or, we will give them credit on the existing board and CPU and swap them out for a newer version."

Generous of you!

I'm sure there's a limited window of time from first purchase to credited swap?
Say 6 months?

Otherwise you're up to your necks in old board sets, unless there's another avenue for reselling those boards too.

Beta tester of "0"s and "1"s