Thursday 25 September 2008

SBS 2008 Beta Exam Done ...

The exam was very straight forward!

If you have a good well rounded experience with SBS, the exam will go well.

They also provide the ability to comment on the various questions ... So check it out and give Microsoft your real world thoughts on what you saw!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

Sent from an SBS integrated Windows Mobile Device.


Anonymous said...

Did you receive any sort of notification letting you know if you passed or not?

I took it a week ago and didn't get a score or any notification about passing or failing...

just curious

feel free to email me at philip.fuesser -AT-

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

E-mail sent.

The results will be processed and posted after the Beta period finished.

Probably a few months at least.


Anonymous said...

I took (wrote?) the test just on a lark having not touched 2008 at all yet. Just what I saw at the road shows / read on the web & magazines. And felt it was very fair. No way out questions. If you DO use the OS, you will pass.

I would have liked to know how many of the 71 I got right. Sure, which count and what the passing score can wait till later. But they likely don't want that raw score to get out? I got 80% right, but then they said I failed? or the flip side - I got a 50% and passed (depending on which questions aren't counted, I could see both cases possibly happening). I'm curious how well common sense and reading reviews prepped me for the test.